Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment

Stop the Hate

Through the Stop the Hate program, PACE is raising awareness about anti-Asian hate, supporting victims, and improving cultural understanding between communities and law enforcement.

What is Stop the Hate?

The Stop the Hate grant funds over 80 organizations throughout California to provide direct services, prevention services and intervention services for victims of hate. In 2022, 24 organizations in the Los Angeles Region were awarded a total of $4 million to provide services and programs to combat the rise in hate against Asian and Pacific Islander Californians in the aftermath of COVID-19. Although many of these organizations were founded to serve the Asian American community, their focus has also extended to other ethnic and racial groups in their local area. PACE is proud to be amongst the expanded cohort of 42 organizations who received $24 million of renewed funding over the next two years to carry out this critical work.

Our Work

PACE’s work as a Stop the Hate grantee consists of community-building, outreach, and prevention and intervention services. We help develop trainings and educational resources to combat anti-Asian hate with a focus on AAPI older adults, community members, and law enforcement. PACE leads the Security and Awareness as Fundamental Education (SAFE) collaborative and has partnered with KALEO (Korean American Law Enforcement Organization) and PACE Care to create the following video presentations to shed more light on AAPI-related hate crimes, what to do if you’re a victim of one, and how to report them. Click on the language button below each video to download a PDF copy of the presentation: