About Us

We create economic solutions to meet the challenges of employment, education, housing, business development and the environment in our communities.

PACE is a non-profit community development organization founded in 1976 to address the employment and job training needs of the Pacific Asian Islander communities. PACE has since expanded into a variety of service areas, all tailored to meet the growing and changing needs of the multi-ethnic communities in Los Angeles County. Now, in addition to job training and employment services, significant PACE programs encompass: business development; early childhood education; financial education and asset building; housing and rehabilitation services; weatherization and energy-conservation programs; and affordable housing development.

The guiding principle in all our programs is the idea of expanding opportunity. In our Early Childhood Education program, that means helping children build a strong foundation for academic success. In the Business Development Center it means fostering creativity and encouraging entrepreneurship. And through our Energy and Environmental Services, it means promoting an improved quality of life and preservation of our environment.

2018 Annual Report:

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