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PACE Education Tailors Head Start Experiences for Children & Families

One of the features which makes PACE Education so special is our staff’s commitment to tailoring experiences to every child and family.  Teachers encourage children to engage in and explore topics of interest to them; classrooms are staffed by teachers who speak the same languages as the students; and our Family Development Advocates go above and beyond to assure that families are connected to whatever resources or supports they may need.  One great example of our staff’s dedication comes from our Christian Fellowship Head Start Center.  When Matteo, a child with Down syndrome, first entered our home-based infant/toddler Early Head Start program, he was not receiving any early intervention services. Matteo’s teachers worked with his family to connect him to the appropriate services at his local Regional Center.

This past year, Matteo transferred into our center-based Head Start program.  However, the transition was difficult, especially because he simply could not tolerate wearing a mask –a mandatory COVID precaution at our centers.  To ensure that Matteo could continue attending school despite not being able to wear a mask, his teachers reorganized their schedule to provide him with individualized instruction at the school site after all the children had left.   After just a few days, Matteo grew more comfortable in his new school environment and was able to wear his mask for extended periods.  As a result of his progress, Matteo is now able to attend in-person, Special Education classes through LAUSD! 

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