Parent Involvement

PACE recognizes that parents are their children’s first and most influential teachers and that continued involvement by parents as partners in their children’s education contributes greatly to student academic achievement and a positive learning environment. Head Start relies heavily on family and community members to strengthen its programs. The Policy Council serves as a decision and policy making body for the Head Start program in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Board of Education and the shared-governance model.

Parents/Guardians are provided with a unique opportunity in Head Start to participate in the program and decision-making process. Each parent/guardian who has a child enrolled in the Head Start program is automatically a member of the Parent Committee group at their respective school site. Each school site conducts monthly Parent Committee meetings in which parents/guardians plan the agenda and vote on decisions relating to their children.
Male Involvement

PACE also recognizes the  value of the male presence in the lives of preschool aged children. Therefore, we provide additional services and resources to the men in the program. All males - fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles, brothers, etc. - are encouraged to participate in every aspect of the Early Head Start/Head Start program.

Throughout the year, there are activities and functions scheduled specifically for significant males in the Early Head Start/Head Start child's life. PACE recognizes that males may need help with resources, as a result males may contact our Volunteer & Community Manager for referrals to community agencies that provide a particular service to meet their needs.

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