Kerry Doi Speaks at Former U.S. Department of Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis’ “Navigating the 21st Century Workforce: Access, Innovation & Collaboration” Conference

On August 6th 2014, many leaders from education, government, business and the community came together at Cal Poly Pomona to discuss workforce investment opportunities that can maximize access, innovation and collaboration across various sectors. The “Navigating the 21st Century Workforce: Access, Innovation & Collaboration” conference was organized by former U.S. Department of Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis.

Keynote speaker Jane Oates, former Assistant Secretary of Employment Training Administration of the US Department of Labor, urged conference attendees to find ways to communicate and collaborate with each other for the benefit of a workforce that can compete for jobs with places like Singapore, South Korea, Laos and Vietnam. PACE’s President and CEO, Kerry Doi, was also invited to join a panel on how business, educational institutions and organizations can help meet the challenges of the 21st Century workforce. “We need continuous conversations that take a macroeconomic view of our workforce system”, Mr. Doi emphasized that “This requires meaningful collaboration between government, workforce service providers, schools and employers”.

Since 1999, PACE has operated a fully funded WIA (Workforce Investment Act) WorkSource Center for the City of Los Angeles. PACE has also operated other employment programs including RITE, WIA Special Needs, State of California Department of Rehabilitation Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP), YouthBuild, WtW, JTPA, CETA, and CJAC—the city’s first One-Stop Center. Over the past decade, PACE has assisted over 36,000 Workforce Development program eligible customers with employment needs and training services.