Below is a directory of PACE Early Childhood Education management personnel.

Kellie Konysky
Program Director 213-989-3210
Emy Santos-Martin
Assistant Director of Family Services 213-989-3263
Marcelino Flores
Assistant Director of System Compliance/ERSEA 213-989-3272
Nikki Duong
Assistant Director of Education/Safe Environments 213-989-3207
Florence Olarewaju
EHS Coordinator 213-989-3219
Beth Viray
Facilities Coordinator 213-989-3229
Julia Rauter
Nutrition Coordinator 213-989-3271
Debbie Rivas
Food Service Manager 323-725-8909
Monica Huynh
Health Coordinator 213-989-3195
Linda Luna
Disabilities Coordinator 213-989-3206
Miriam Renteria
Mental Health Coordinator 213-989-3134
Agnes Digman
Education Specialist 213-989-3230
Anush Arakelyan
Education Specialist 213-989-3101
John Varga
Education Specialist 213-989-3268
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