Who We Serve

PACE’s primary service area encompasses over 50 zip code areas in Central Los Angeles, the South Bay & the San Gabriel Valley.

PACE’s target communities cut a rainbow shaped swath through the Los Angeles area, roughly reflecting the hop-scotch path of waves of Asia Pacific Islander (API) & Hispanic immigrants as they first moved into the Los Angeles area. This area runs from Redondo Beach Boulevard in Gardena on the south, to Western Avenue on the west & Vermont Avenue on the east, in a continuous NNE direction through Central Los Angeles where the boundaries are the 110 Freeway on the east & Vermont Avenue on the west & the 60 Freeway on the south.

PACE’s target community then continues in its northeast arc through Chinatown, & including the ethnic enclaves of Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Filipino Town & Thai Town. It then continues east along Interstate 10 through the San Gabriel Valley to the 605 Freeway on the east. PACE has program locations within this area including several Early Childhood Education Centers scattered through the area, an office in Gardena, PACE’s Headquarters Office just west of downtown & a refugee job development program & business development center office in El Monte. Additionally, PACE has several separate affordable housing sites with 190 units of affordable housing in this area. It should be noted that PACE’s Business Development Center target communities extend west to the Pacific Ocean & the Environmental program extends east to the Arizona border & south to the Mexican border.


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