Job Opportunities

The Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment is a nonprofit organization committed to expanding opportunity for the people of California. We seek talented, team-oriented individuals, dedicated to excellence and to making California a better place for all its residents. Bookmark this page and visit it often to receive the most current information.

As we seek to build a staff that brings a variety of perspectives and backgrounds to our work, we are committed to diversity in all aspects of our hiring practices and are an Equal Opportunity Employer. PACE also enforces a strict drug-free workplace. As available, all positions and application instructions will be posted here. If you have questions regarding a specific job opening, please contact our Human Resources Department call (213)353-3982.


 Department / Job Opening

Date Posted 
Human Resource Data Support ***NEW*** October 22, 2015
Chief Operating Officer & Vice President  June 18, 2015
Accounts Payable Clerk  March 18, 2015
Energy & Environmental Services Department


Marketing Outreach Specialist ***NEW*** Sept 18, 2015
Part-Time Intake Specialist ***NEW*** July 28, 2015
Assessor / Installer ***NEW*** July 21, 2015
Intake Outreach Specialist (Bilingual)  March 19, 2015
Installer March 15, 2015
Intake Specialist  March 15, 2015
Assessor & QA Inspector March 15, 2015
Crew Leader March 15, 2014
Intake Outreach Specialist March 15, 2014
Business Development Center


No job openings at this time.  
Workforce Development Department
No job openings at this time.  
Early Childhood Education/Head Start


Substitute EHS Home Visitor Temporary ***NEW*** October 26, 2015
Floater Teacher ***NEW*** Sept 29, 2015
Head Start Home Visitor Teacher ***NEW*** Sept 29, 2015
Part-Time Teacher Assistant ***NEW*** Sept 29, 2015
Teacher ***NEW*** Sept 29, 2015
Early Head Start Home Visitor
(Bilingual English/Spanish
***NEW*** August 11, 2015
Registered Nurse Consultant  June 18, 2015
Mental Health Consultant  June 18, 2015
Substitute Teacher Assistant  August 13, 2014
Substitute Teacher August 13, 2014
Child Care Worker September 21, 2012

The fringe benefit program for employees includes medical, dental and vision plans, as well as pension and 401(k). Please be advised that there are eligibility requirements for these plans.